Monthly Archives: April 2013

Freelancing for fun (most of the time)

Hi everyone! This is a site to get in touch with me about freelancing on a donations basis. Why donations based, you ask? Here’s the short version:

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had student loans.

I thought so.

While all of my peers are raking up credit card debt to live a faux lavish lifestyle, I’m committed to a debt-free one. Why? Because of this. And because I saw firsthand what credit card debt did to my family as a child and teenager.

I created this site as a way for people to get some really great services (tooting my own horn, I know!) and simultaneously help someone meet her financial goals. I have a rates page, but really, I’d like you to evaluate the value of my services and pay me what you think I’m worth. If you can’t quite meet my going rates, that’s OK. I trust that the next person who hires me will make up the difference.